Noëlle van Ruiten is a
Dutch/Slovak fashion
designer. In 2015 she
successfully graduated from
the Amsterdam Fashion
Institute with the ACHE

Innovative music, history, psychedelic poetry and the thrill of moving outside one's comfort zone are ongoing sources of inspiration. Besides that, her love for the American punk period never gets left out. Noëlle's deep interest in the most odd and primitive human emotions, evolving in human behavior, plays a central role in all the collections. Having different roots always makes her question what feels natural and comfortable for the individual. Conflict, longings and madness are resulting in silhouettes that accentuate strangeness and seduce.

For Noëlle as a designer the experimental process is the main focus, always playing with shapes, esthetics, and fabrics which might be seen as misplaced. There is an ongoing search for new possibilities in shape, resulting from moulage in an intuitive way. Tailoring and craftsmanship is combined with complex but natural shapes. At times the designs are refined and tender, other times there is a force of aggression and destruction.

Wearers are embracing their rebellious side, longing to kick against rules and repressions that may break down their sense of freedom. They want to regain the power to feel. Always testing the boundaries and buttons, on a personal and social level. By this the wearers are strong, but never flawless.

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